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Baking: My Favourite Baking Gadgets

If you want to up your baking game, take a look at some of my favourite baking gadgets to learn the tricks of the trade...

1. The Ideal Baking Tray for Baking Traybakes


For the perfect squares of any size, I aways use my Silverwood Cake Pan. The sides are all removable and adjustable so you can set out the tray to be the size you need it from 1 inch square to 12 inch square, or rectangles if you prefer that kind of thing. I make all my squares in these as they're the perfect size and the slots along the edge are also handy guides when cutting up baked goods.


2. For the best biscuits and perfect pastry

This rolling pin is a recent addition to my kitchen but it's so handy for getting consistent sized biscuits and nice thin, crispy pastry. The discs on the end prevent you from rolling past a certain point and you can easily unscrew the discs to get your prefered thickness.


3. Spectacular Spatula

With this wonder spatula you will never leave a drop of cake mix behind again.  Not only is this silicon super spatula only 80p from Ikea, it also comes in a variety of snazzy colour combos.


4. Cupcake Corer

Take your cupcakes to the next level by coring out the centre with this little gadget and filling it with caramel, buttercream, jam, peanut butter, marshmallow fluff or any other filling you can think of. Place the cored middle back on top and decorate for a hidden suprise.

I really don't understand how but this cupcake corer is currently only 16p on Amazon, so how can you resist?

5. The Ultimate Nozzle

If you are ever going to invest in a piping nozzle, I'd recommend the Wilton 1M nozzle. You can often find cheap sets of plastic nozzles in supermakets and online but they don't quite give the profession look your cupcakes deserve. The 1M is ideal for placing whipped cream on hot chocolates as well as piping big swirls and roses on cupcakes.


What are your favourite baking gadgets? Do you use any of these? Let me know in the comments below!

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